David Hellholm’s works

Hellholm, David. “The Problem of Apocalyptic Genre and the Apocalypse of John.” Society of Biblical Literature Seminar Papers 21 (1982): 157-98. See also the same article in Semeia, no. 36 (1986): 13-64.

Hellholm, David. Das Visionenbuch des Hermas als Apokalypse. Coniectanea Biblica, New Testament Series 13: 1. Lund: CWK Gleeup, 1980.

Hellholm, David. “Methodological Reflections on the Problem of Definition of Generic Texts.” Pages 134-63 in John Joseph Collins, and James H. Charlesworth. Mysteries and Revelations: Apocalyptic Studies Since the Uppsala Colloquium. Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha Supplement Series 9. Sheffield: JSOT Press, 1991.

Professor David Hellholm, University of Oslo, wrote his doctoral thesis on Hermas and the apocalypse genre from a text-linguistic point of view (Hellholm 1980).

Hellholm challenged the initial genre definition (see Collins, Morphology of a Genre) that focused on form and content and argued that a genre definition must also deal with function. Hellholm’s proposal was accepted by the other scholars of the SBL Genre study group (see Hellholm 1991). See also the dicussion of genre in D. E. Aune, Problem of Genre and in his commentary on Revelation, vol. 1.


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