Porter, Two articles on language

Porter, Stanley E.: ”The Language of the Apocalypse in Recent Discussion” in: NTS 35 (1989) 582-603.

-: “Another Look at the Language of the Apocalypse” in: Abstracts AAR & SBL Annual Meeting 1987 (Scholars Press, Atlanta 1987), pp. 217-218.

Porter discusses some recent contributions including the one by S. Thompson (Thompson, Semitic Syntax). He argues that the John’s language is not perfect, but that we know too little about the social registers etc.

Porter analyses some semantic and syntactical pecularities in Revelation and concludes that John’s Greek is Greek indeed, but that the distribution of some linguistic features is found more often than in ordinary Greek because of his Semitic background (i.e. linguistic enhancement, but not any really new syntactical constructions).

The exception is the change of meaning of a number of words found in the Septuagint as well. (7 Oct 1997)

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