Adamsen, Exodusmotiver

Adamsen, Georg Stubkjær. Exodusmotiver i Johannes’ Åbenbaring . Aarhus: Teoltryk, 1992.

This M.Theol.-thesis written in Danish presents the research on the topic Revelation and the OT from the beginning of the 20th Century through to early 1992 and then investigates the extensive use of the Exodus motives in Revelation concluding that all Exodus motives are used ecclesiologically. Apparently, the second main part of Revelation (Rev 4 – 22) functions as arguments for the paraenesis in the first main part (Rev 1-3). Furthermore, it seems unavoidable that a helpful interpretation of Revelation must be a theological interpretation including the question of OT hermeneutics.

The author has modified his position slightly on, among other things, the question of relationship between Rev 1-3 and 4-22 since the publication of this work. See also Adamsen, Parousia and Paraenesis.

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