Fekkes, Isaiah

Fekkes, Jan, III. Isaiah and Prophetic Traditions in the Book of Revelation Visionary Antecedents and their Development. (JSNT.SS 93). Sheffield: JSOT Press (an imprint of Sheffield Academic Press), 1994. 333 pp.

This 333 page revised dissertation written under the auspices of B. Lindars is a welcome and rather detailed analysis of the relationship between Isaiah and Revelation.

Fekkes analyses the methodological problems under two perspectives: John as a Jewish-Christian Prophet and John and the Influence of the OT (Chapter 1-2, pp. 22-103). The five following chapters are detailed analyses of the relationship between Isaiah and the whole book of Revelation (divided into the following sections: Rev 1-3, 4-7, 8-13, 14-19 and 20-22). Chapter 8 is a summary and conclusion. The book ends with a 13 page bibliography and two indices of references and authors.

This book is the first detailed survey of the relationship between Isaiah and Revelation. Once more the JSNT.SS has published a well argued, documented and written dissertation.

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