Krodel, Revelation

Krodel, Gerhard A.: Revelation. Augsburg Commentary on the NT. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Augsburg, 1989.

This 391 page commentary written by an American Lutheran is a favorite of mine. Krodel has provided a very good introduction where he shows himself to be more than familiar with recent scholarship, both American, English and German. The commentary is well worth studying, and might easily be considered as textbook for courses on Revelation. It is not technical, but learned.

As regards the problem of millennialism, Krodel argues for a somewhat special premillennial view that is, in my opinion, less problematic than the standard premillennial views.


  1. I did go out and buy Krodel, on your recommendation, I found him to be a preachers commentary. A preacher could preach whole chapters from that book. Thank you. I even wrote a review on Amazon on Krodel.

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