Mosbech, Fortolkningen

Mosbech, Holger. Fortolkningen af Johannes’ Aabenbaring i Fortid og Nutid. Gyldendalske Boghandel/Nordisk Forlag: København 1934. 106 pp.

Mosbech, professor of NT at the University of Copenhagen, wrote this masterpiece of learned presentation of the history of interpretation of Revelation. Although only 106 pages, Mosbech has managed to describe and explain the developments in the history of interpretation until 1934.

Mosbech was a hitorical-critical scholar, and does not hide his views. Although he views the developments in clear evolutionary terms from worse to better ending with his own zeitgeschichtliche approach, few have managed, as Mosbech has done, to show how all interpreters are dependent on each others work, regardless of how much they claim otherwise.

Unfortunately, this book has never been translated, so only the lucky people from Scandinavia (and other people capable of reading Scandinavian languages) can benefit from it.


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