Ozanne, Influence; Language

Ozanne, C.G.: The Influence of the Text and Language of the Old Testament on the Book of Revelation. Unpublished Ph.D.-dissertation, Manchester University, 1964.
-: ”The Language of the Apocalypse” in: Tyndale Bulletin 16 (1965) 3-9.

Ozanne argues that John imitated the language of the Hebraic Old Testament for theological purposes.

The dissertation is full of splendid analyses. This dissertation analyses the relationship between the various OT texts and versions and Revelation. Ozanne concludes that Revelation “habitually used the original Hebrew to the virtual exclusion of the LXX. In addition he occasionally cited the Targums and other rabbinic sources” (iii). Thus he supports the thesis of Vanhoye.

The article is probably a short version of his dissertation.

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