Ruiz, Ezekiel in the Apocalypse

Ruiz, Jean-Pierre. Ezekiel in the Apocalypse: The Transformation of Prophetic Language in Revelation 16,17 – 19,10 . Frankfurt/Bern/New York/Paris: Peter Lang, 1989.

This dissertation is a very carefull analysis of the OT hermeneutics of Revelation illustrated from the use of Ezekiel in Rev 16:17 – 19:20.

Ruiz’s thesis is that John deliberately changed the OT’s view of Rome as a metaphor of the enemy of Israel, i.e., e.g. Egypt, to the enemy of church, i.e. Rome. In this way, the metaphor was transformed.

Ruiz is heavily influenced by Vanni and Ricoeur and their hermeneutics. The dissertation also gives a rather detailed survey of earlier research on the relationship between Revelation and OT.

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