Vanhoye, L’Utilisation du livre d’Ézéchiel dans l’Apocalypse

Vanhoye, A.: ”L’Utilisation du livre d’Ézéchiel dans L’Apocalypse” in: Biblica 43 (1962), pp. 436-476.

Vanhoye’s article initiated the “new” interest for the relationship between Revelation and the OT. The new perspective was that Revelation was not only moulded in some directly or indirectly transmitted OT traditions, but did in fact interpret the OT. The question of hermeneutics was thus introduced to the Revelation scholarship in a new way.

Vanhoye’s analyses also deals with whether John used the Greek and/or Hebrew OT.

Although this article was widely known, some years passed before the hermeneutical relationship between Revelation and OT was investigated further.

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