Kowalski, Rezeption des Propheten Ezechiel

Kowalski, Beate. Die Rezeption des Propheten Ezechiel in der Offenbarung des Johannes. Stuttgarter biblische Beiträge, vol. 52. Stuttgart: Verlag Katholisches Bibelwerk, 2004.

Dr. Kowalski’s major doctoral dissertation (Habilitationsschrift) is, so far, the most extensive work done on the use of Ezekiel in Revelation.

The book includes an almost 20 page long history of research (incl., among others, Vanhoye, Vogelgesang, Ruiz, and Bøe) (pp. 9-28). Kowalski then searches for allusions to the OT and discusses the methodological issues (pp. 29-69).

In part I, Kowalski analyses all Revelation’s allusions to Ezekiel linguistically (pp. 70-275) In part II, Kowalski analyses various relationships between Ezekiel and Revelation: similarities in the overall composition of Ezekiel and Revelation (pp. 277ff), similarities and differences as to author and recipients (pp. 297ff), reception of larger Ezekielic passages (pp. 307-426) and of various other features such as theophanic signs (pp. 427-463). Both parts end with thorough conclusions (pp. 250-275 and pp. 464-472). Kowalski summarises and discusses the implications of her research in the final part, part III (pp. 473-501).

The get up includes two appendices, a list of illustrations and diagrams, and a 19 page bibliography (pp. 502-529).

The author is currently professor at the University of Koblenz-Landau.

Kowalski’s Habilitationsschrift is a must for anyone studying Revelation and its use of the Old Testament, even if one might not agree with her in every detail or even in major issues. The thoroughness as to previous research and the biblical material that she surveys is impressive.

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A more detailed review will follow later, but I will conclude with a single observation. In her history of reserarch, dr. Kowalski, has a 2½ page presentation and discussion of Michael D. Goulder’s article “Apocalypse”, allegedly from 1999. This article seems to be absent from her bibliography, but I would suggest that it is his “The Apocalypse As an Annual Cycle of Prophecies”, published in New Testament Studies 27 (1981): 342-67, which she does list.

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