van der Meer, Apocalypse

Van der Meer, Frederick. Apocalypse: Visioenen uit het Boek der Openbaring in de kunst. Antwerpen: Verlag Mercatorfonds n.v., 1978.
-: Apocalypse: Visions from the Book of Revelation in Western Art. Eastview Editions, 1978. ISBN 0933516037.
-: Apokalypse: Die Visionen des Johannes in der europäischen Kunst. Freiburg; Basel; Wien: Herder, 1978.

This work has more than 350 pages and a lot of illustrations (both color and black and white). The quality of the illustrations is good. Frederick van der Meer’s book is a unique work and is highly recommended.

It was originalle written in Dutch and simultaneously published in English, French and German as well.

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