Gregg, Four views

Gregg, Steve. Revelation: Four Views: a Parallel Commentary. Nashville, Tennessee: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1997. xv + 528 pp. Also available electronically from Logos Bible Software.

A handy commentary that offers a running comparison of four basic approaches to the interpreation of Revelation: Historicist (church-historical), preterist (contemporary-historical), futurist (prophetic, eschatological, parousian), and spiritual (idealist, symbolic, existential).

Among others, Gregg cites the following interpreters:

  • Historicist: Adams, Barnes, Caringola, Clarke, Elliott, Henry, Miller, Pinkoski, TSK
  • Preterist/Late preterist: Ashcraft, Carrington, Chilton, Clark, Gentry, Hailey, Hobbs, Pieters, Russell, Summers, Swete, Terry
  • Futurist: Barnhouse, Gaebelein, Ironside, Ladd, Lindsey, L. Morris, Mounce, Ryrie, Seiss, Stedman, Strauss, Tenney, Walvoord
  • Spiritual: Alford, Hailey, Hendriksen, Hobbs, Lenski, Milligan, Morey, S. L. Morris, Pieters, Rushdoony, Summers, Swete, Wilcock, Wilson

It goes without saying that this commentary will not suffice for scholarly research, but it is very handy tool for familiarising oneself with these four interpretive approaches that according to Gregg interpret Revelation as predictive prophecy.

Gregg includes a discussion of introductory issues, such as History of interpretation where he acknowledges his dependence on Swete.

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