Carey, Elusive Apocalypse

Carey, Greg: Elusive Apocalypse: Reading Authority in the Revelation to John. (Studies in Biblical Hermeneutics, 15). Macon, Georgia: Mercer University Press, 1999. xiv + 209 pp. Employing not only the rhetorical notion of authorial ethos, but postcolonial and resistance criticism, this book, a (probably revised) edition of Carey’s 1996 Ph.D.-thesis, deals with how Revelation constructs… Continue reading Carey, Elusive Apocalypse

Resseguie, Revelation Unsealed

Resseguie, James L. Revelation Unsealed: A Narrative Critical Approach to John’s Apocalypse. (Biblical Interpretation Series, 32). Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1998. 233 pp. Published in 1998 (as is James Barr’s study), Resseguie likewise provides a narrative critical analysis of Revelation. In many ways, Resseguie’s methodology is less explicit than Barr’s, but he provides quite many… Continue reading Resseguie, Revelation Unsealed

Beale & McDonough, on the use of the OT

Gregory K. Beale and Sean McDonough has written the chapter on Revelation in a forthcoming commentary: Beale, Gregory K., and Donald A. Carson. 2007. Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Academic. This commentary includes chapters on all the NT books, written by distinguished scholars. More to follow… Continue reading Beale & McDonough, on the use of the OT

POxy – Revelation 13:18

POxy – Revelation 13:18 High as well as low quality pictures can be found online via POxy: Oxyrhynchus Online. The Oxyrhynchus collection as well as other collections are provided by Papyrology at Oxford. A Norwegian article, »Dyrets nummer er ikke nødvendigvis 666«, by Kjetil Johansen was found here, but is no longer publicly accessible.

Doré, Book of Revelation

Gustave Doré, The Book of Revelation Woodcuts by Gustave Doré (1832-1883), illustrating the Book of Revelation. The illustration to the right is a selection of Rev 12:1 – The Woman & Dragon.

Professor Felix Just: Art, Images, Music

Links to Art, Images, Music, and Materials related to the Book of Revelation, collected by professor, Ph.D. Felix Just Professor Just keeps sections on Music, Collection of Images, and Individual images and materials pertaining to each chapter of Revelation. Just also links to Depictions of Related stories and legends, and to Other collections of Apocalyptic… Continue reading Professor Felix Just: Art, Images, Music