Schmid, Studien (3 volumes)

Schmid, J. Studien zur Geschichte des griechischen Apokalypse-Textes. Münchener theologische Studien. I. Historische Abteilung. Ergänzungsband 1. 3 vols. München: Karl Zink Verlag, 1955-1956.

This study was groundbreaking and laid a new foundation for the study of the text of Revelation.

Volume 1 of this study is the critical edition of Andrew of Caesara, the standard commentary of the Byzantine tradition, and Schmid’s commentary.

Andrew of Caesaera is one of the commentators, that Weinrich cites regularly.

Pp. 173-251 – of the commentary, if I remember correctly – is an outline of the Greek language of Andrew of Caesarea.

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