Steinhauser, Commentary of Tyconius

Steinhauser, Kenneth B. The Apocalypse Commentary of Tyconius: A History of Its Reception and Influence. Vol. 301 of European University Studies, Series 23: Theology. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 1987.

According to Weinrich, Steinhauser provides a careful analysis. Weinrich included the commentary by Primasius because it preserves significant Tyconius-material, although not as much as the later commentary by Beatus of Liebana (see Weinrich p. xxx with notes). The Primasius material was identified by Weinrich on the basis of Steinhauser’s synopsis.

The publisher writes: “The present study investigates the lost Apocalypse Commentary of Tyconius. Two manuscript fragments are extant while nine authors from the fourth to the eighth centuries directly cite the lost commentary in some cases extensively. Four conclusions follow the detailed study of the manuscripts and works influenced by Tyconius. First, the interdependence of the nine works influenced by Tyconius is demonstrated. Second, the manuscript tradition is reconstructed as far as possible. Third, the structure of the lost commentary is discussed. Fourth, a complete synopsis of the manuscripts and the passages quoted from the lost Apocalypse Commentary is presented.”

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