Weinrich, Revelation

Weinrich, William C., ed. Revelation. Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, vol. 12. Downers Grove, Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 2006. xxxii + 454 pp. RRP $40.00 (but street prices are much cheapter). ISBN: 0830814973

This volume is strongly recommended.

In the ideal world, students would read the ancient Christian commentaries themselves in the original language. In the real world this volume is a very welcome one. Indeed, it should sit on every student’s shelf, or rather, it should lie on the desk and be consulted regularly. I really missed this volume when I wrote my forthcoming commentary on Revelation.

Professor Weinrich is professor of early church history at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

In his introduction, Weinrich surveys the ancient commentaries, as to their view on authorship and canonicity of Revelation (pp. xvii-xx). In the next section, Weinrich reviews the ancient commentaries and the interpretation of Revelation (pp. xx-xxix).

Weinrich has chosen eight commentaries for regular citation. He also includes selections from the Christian writers in order to illustrate their uses of Revelation, be it thematic, moral or theological and doctrinal reasons.

The eight commentaries that Weinrich cites regularly are

  1. Victorinus of Poetovio eller Petuvium
  2. Tyconius
  3. Primasius
  4. Caesarius of Arles
  5. Apringius of Beja
  6. Bede the Venerable
  7. Oecumenius
  8. Andreas or Andrew of Caesarea

Weinrich provides detailed information on the editions and translations that he knows of and – in most cases – uses.

The main part of the commentary is divided into sections following the paragraphs of Revelation. Each section is introduced with an overview and then selections to each verse or couple of verses.

The back matter includes an appendix: Early Christian Writers and the Documents Cited, Biographical Sketches, Timeline of Writers of the Patristic Period, two bibliographies of works in original languages and in English translation, as well as three indices of authors/”>writings, of subjects and Scripture references.

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