Barr (ed.), Reality of Apocalypse

Barr, David Lawrence (ed.) The Reality of Apocalypse: Rhetoric and Politics in the Book of Revelation. Society of Biblical Literature symposium series, 39. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2006. ix + 306 pp. RRP £19.22

Barr, who headed the Seminar on the Apocalypse: The Intersection of Literary and Social Methos, has selected a number of essays to represent the work of the seminar. Barr also edited a volume for students.

Essays included

  • Reading the Apocalypse as Apocalypse: the limits of genre, by Gregory L. Linton
  • Apocalypse renewed: an intertextual reading of the Apocalypse of John, by David E. Aune
  • Beyond genre: the expectations of Apocalypse, by David L. Barr
  • Hearing and seeing but not saying: a rhetoric of authority in Revelation 10:4 and 2 Corinthians 12:4, by Jean-Pierre Ruiz
  • To rejoice or not to rejoice? rhetoric and the fall of Satan in Luke 10:17-24 and Rev. 12:1-17, by Edith M. Humphrey
  • Sarcasm in Revelation 2-3: churches, Christians, true Jews, and Satanic synagogues, by Steven J. Friesen
  • The “synagogue of Satan”: crisis mongering and the Apocalypse of John, by Paul Duff
  • Symptoms of resistance in the book of Revelation, by Greg Carey
  • Dragon myth and imperial ideology in Revelation 12-13, by Jan Willem van Henten
  • The Lamb who looks like a dragon? characterizing Jesus in John’s Apocalypse, by David L. Barr
  • Betwixt and between on the Lord’s day: liturgy and the Apocalypse, by Jean-Pierre Ruiz
  • Babylon the great: a rhetorical-political reading of Revelation, by Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza

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