Moyise (ed.), Studies

Moyise, Steve (ed.) Studies in the Book of Revelation . Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 2001. xvii + 206 pp. ISBN: 0567088146 (hb.), 0567088049 (pbk.).

Essays included:

  • The Words of Prophecy: Reading the Apocalypse Theologically, by Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza (pp. 1-20)
  • Seventh-Day Adventism: Self-Appointed Laodicea, by Robert Surridge (pp. 21-42)
  • The Enthroned Christ of Revelation 5:6 and the Development of Christian Theology, by Jonathan Knight (pp. 43-50)
  • The Many Faces of Babylon the Great: Wirkungsgeschichte and the Interpretation of Revelation 17, by Ian Boxall (pp. 51-68)
  • Praise and Politics in Revelation 19:1-10, by Jean-Pierre Ruiz (pp. 69-84)
  • The Millennium and the Second Coming, by R. Jack McKelvey (pp. 85-100)
  • Waiting for the End that Never Comes: The Narrative Logic of John’s Story, by David L. Barr (pp. 101-112)
  • Criteria and the Assessment of Allusions to the Old Testament in the Book of Revelation, by Jon Paulien (pp. 113-130; also available here)
  • The Book of Revelation: Image, Symbol and Metaphor, by Ian Paul (pp. 131-148)
  • Out of the Wilderness: Feminist Perspectives on the Book of Revelation, by Alison Jack (pp. 149-162)
  • The Apocalypse and Its Ambiguous Ethos, by Greg Carey (pp. 163-180)
  • Does the Lion Lie down with the Lamb, by Steve Moyise (pp. 181-194; also available here)

Christopher Rowland has written the Foreword (pp. ix-ixvii). The back matters consists of Indices of Bible and Ancient Sources, Modern Authors, and Subjects.

“This is a specially commissioned set of state-of-the-art studies on the most important aspects of Revelation and its significance for the 21st century–by the world’s leading scholars. The studies can be grouped in relation to three main themes: strategies of interpretation (theological, literary, feminist, metaphorical); the nature of the violent imagery; and passages of particular interest (the letter to Laodicea, ‘praise and politics’, Old Testament allusions, the second coming of Christ).This book will provide an invaluable resource for researchers and students alike,” according to the publisher.

Reviewed by John M. Court, in Journal of Theological Studies 54, no. 2 (October 2003): 726-729.

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