Boxall, Introduction

Boxall, Ian. Revelation: Vision and Insight: An Introduction to the Apocalypse. London: SPCK, 2002. x + 166 pp. Paperback.

In this volume, Boxall treats the introductory issues – undoubtedly as a preparation for his commentary. It is recommended by Christopher Rowland and Marc Goodacre, according to the publisher (here).

Amazon’s synopsis states: “Whereas other introductions to “Revelation” concentrate largely on it’s first century historical setting, this text engages with a range of approaches, while considering the possibility that John was an actual visionary.

“It takes seriously the different ways the book has been interpreted through history – including in art and liturgy – and considers which are most suitable for the contemporary interpreter. An accessible guide to some complex issues involved in the interpretation of “Revelation”, offering an appropriate approach for the contemporary reader.”

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