Hieke and Nicklas, Offenbarung 22:6-21

Hieke, Thomas, and Tobias Nicklas. “Die Worte der Prophetie dieses Buches”: Offenbarung 22,6-21 als Schlussstein der christlichen Bibel Alten und Neuen Testaments gelesen. Biblisch-theologische Studien, 62. Neukirchen-Vluyn: Neukirchener Verlag, 2003. viii + 148 pp.

Professor, dr. Beate Kowalski, has reviewed this volume on Rev 22:6-21 (see here) and concludes:

“This book contributes to the current debate on a canonical reading of the Bible. The authors have chosen a text that is difficult to understand and to interpret. The method chosen and applied to the text is appropriate and not naïve. A critical reflection of the method and insights accompany every chapter. The presentation of the biblical texts (mainly in two languages) make it easy to follow the argumentation.

“The result of the investigation convinces, as it takes seriously the many Old Testament cross-references that are to be found in the last book of the Bible and the function and position of Rev 22:6–21 within the Bible. Of course, the idea of a “model reader” can be doubted, as this comes very close to a biblical scholar of the twenty-first century. An ordinary reader would have many difficulties understanding the text. Nevertheless, the interpretation has deciphered an important text as the keystone (“Schlussstein”) of the Christian Bible.” Read it all.

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