Hoffmann, Destroyer

Hoffmann, Matthias Reinhard. The Destroyer and the Lamb: The Relationship Between Angelomorphic and Lamb Christology in the Book of Revelation. Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament, Series 2, 203. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2005. xvi + 311 pp.

This volume- originally presented as the author’s Ph.D.-thesis, “Angelomorphic Christology and the Book of Revelation,” in Durham – argues that “Christ appears to be an eschatological juridical figure (described in angelomorphic patterns) to his opposition, while he is perceived as salvific redeemer (in form of the Lamb) by those who believe in him.” The background of this portrayal of Christ is the Passover Lamb and the Destroying Angel of the Exodus narrative.

Despite the angelic features, Christ and God are equal, Hoffmann argues.

Even if one prefers to interpret (many of) the so-called “angelic” features from a more conservative trinitarian perspective as pre-incarnational Christophanic features, one might benefit from Hoffmann’s studies. I, for one, have argued in my thesis (see abstract) that, according to Revelation, Christ will appear quite differently to the believers and the non-believers: as the bridegroom to the former group, and as the warrior-judge to the latter group.

Hoffmann’s volume is reviewed by Steve Moyise in Journal for the Study of the New Testament 29.5 (2007): 114. More here.

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