Sänger (ed.), Das Ezechielbuch

Sänger, Dieter (ed.) Das Ezechielbuch in der Johannesoffenbarung. Biblisch-theologische Studien, 76. Neukirchen-Vluyn: Neukirchener Verlag, 2006. viii + 126 pp.

This volume presents essays by Michael Bachmann, Beate Ego, Thomas Hieke, Martin Karrer, and Dieter Sänger. The essays are proceedings of a conference on Biblical Intertextuality, held Mar. 14-16, 2005, and arranged by the Wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft für Theologie.

The perspective is intertextual and cross-disciplinary. Various themes that connect Ezekiel and Revelation: prophecy, theophanic visions, judgment, temple, the New Jerusalem, are treated, as is also the question as to which Ezekiel-text is used in Revelation. Some questions about the ancient Jewish reception of Revelation are touched as well. More here.


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