Tóth, Der himmlische Kult

Tóth, Franz. Der himmlische Kult: Wirklichkeitskonstruktion und Sinnbildung in der Johannesoffenbarung. Arbeiten zur Bibel und ihrer Geschichte, 22. Leipzig: Evangelische Verlagsanstalt, 2006. xii + 613 pp.

A rough translation of the publisher’s information: “The readers of Revelation are invited to submerge themselves into a textual world. In this world a cultic event is happening in the heavenly sanctuary. The reader can participate in this world.

“Thus, Revelation will create a bridge between heaven and earth, between the realm of God and His Christ and the realm of the earth and its troubled church.

“Revelation will help the reader to see a new heavenly reality that otherwise remains hidden to the eye. In the interpretive framework of this cultic reality, man can and should find a new orientation and a new meaning.

“By putting the construction of reality and meaning on the agenda, this work makes use of those modern recognitions and considerations within the areas of sociology of knowledge and philosophy of history, which are used for cultic analyses.”

The author, Franz Tóth, is a doctor of theology.

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