Caird, Revelation of St. John

Caird, George Bradford: The Revelation of St. John the Divine. (BNTC). London, 1966 (1st ed.) and 1984 (2nd ed.). Reprint, Hendrickson Publishers, 1993. 336 pp.

Caird was heavily influenced by the work of Farrer, but emphasized the influence of myth, apocalyptic and the history of the Roman Empire as well. This raises the question: “When he [John] uses images from the Old Testament does he give them their exact Old Testament value, or are they baptized with a Christian spirit and meaning?” (p. 7).

Caird’s commentary should be within reach because of its qualities. Note especially his interpretation of 11:15 – chapter 12 where he argues that the birth of Messiah is not to be interpreted as the virgin birth, but as the enthronement of the king as in Psalm 2.

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