Roloff, Offenbarung

Roloff, Jürgen: Die Offenbarung des Johannes. (Zürcher Bibelkommentare). Zürich: Theologischer Verlag Zürich, 1987 (= 1984). 219 pp.
-: The Revelation of John. Continental Commentaries. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1993. Hardcover. 288 pp.

Roloff’s commentary is a valuable commentary with a register, a rather short bibliography and a quite short but good introduction. The Table of Contents of the English translation is available on-line here.

Roloff is familiar with Revelation scholarship and argues for Revelation as a letter. He is followed by his former doctoral student, Martin Karrer (see here, also for further considerations of Revelation as a letter).

Roloff should belong to the library of the Revelation scholar and student.

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