Trebilco, Jewish Communities in Asia Minor

Trebilco, Paul R. Jewish Communities in Asia Minor. Cambridge etc.: CUP, 1991. A new second edition: 2006. 346 pp.

This book, based on Trebilco’s dissertation, describes throughout 330 pages the various aspects of the Jewish communities in Asia.

This study is important because Revelation shows that the relationship between Christians and Jews were not necessarily a good one. Although this relationship is debated among Revelation scholars, Trebilco’s research is valuable giving precise information about the Jews in Asia.

Unfortunately, of the seven cities mentioned in Revelation, only Sardis is treated by Trebilco. Chapter 1 is a survey of the Jewish communities in Asia Minor in literary sources. Chapter 2 treats inter alia Sardis and Chapter 6-7 discusses the question of syncretism and ‘God-Worshippers’ in Asia Minor. Chapter 8 discusses the general position of Jews in the Greek city in Asia Minor. More here.

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