Davidsen, Johannes’ Åbenbaring

Davidsen, Andreas. Johannes’ Åbenbaring: Kommentar med tillæg [Revelation: a Commentary with appendices]. København: Gyldendal, 1988. 170 pp. The Danish theologian, pastor and former lecturer at a college of education, Andreas Davidsen (b. 1928) has published an entry level commentary. In his introduction (pp. 11-41), Davidsen describes “apocalyptic” and discusses the common introductory questions, including its… Continue reading Davidsen, Johannes’ Åbenbaring

Aage Krohn, Det femte Evangelium

Krohn, Aage. Det femte Evangelium: Johannes’ Aabenbaring udlagt for vor Tid [The Fifth Gospel. The Book of Revelation Interpreted for Our Time]. København: Schønbergske Forlag, 1942. 222 pp. This Danish commentary was one of several written in times of war (see more on Torm, Johannes’ Åbenbaring). Drawing on scholarly research, Krohn interprets Revelation as a… Continue reading Aage Krohn, Det femte Evangelium

Torm, Johannes’ Åbenbaring

Torm, Frederik. Johannes’ Aabenbaring: En populær fortolkning [The Book of Revelation: A Popular Commentary]. København: G. E. C. Gads Forlag, 1941. 162 pp. Norwegian translation (Johannes’ åpenbaring: En populær fortolkning) published by Lutherstiftelsens forlag, Oslo, 1942. 160 pp. English Frederik Torm (1870-1953), professor of New Testament at the University of Copenhagen (1909-1940), was a conservative,… Continue reading Torm, Johannes’ Åbenbaring

Kalms, Der Sturz des Gottesfeindes

Kalms, Jürgen U. Der Sturz des Gottesfeindes: Traditionsgeschichtliche Studien zu Apokalypse 12. Wissenschaftliche Monographien zum Alten und Neuen Testament, 93. Neukirchen-Vluyen: Neukirchener Verlag, 2001. xii + 300 pp. This volume is a slightly revised and abbreviated edition of the author’s doctoral thesis, accepted by the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster in 2000, the late professor Jens-Wilhelm Taeger… Continue reading Kalms, Der Sturz des Gottesfeindes

Peder Madsen, Johannes’ Aabenbaring

Madsen, Peder. Johannes’ Aabenbaring: Indledet og fortolket [The Book of Revelation: Introduction and Commentary]. 1st ed. København: G. E. C. Gad, 1887. 2nd ed. 1896. Both editions were published in two parts, the two first volumes in 1885 and 1894. The libraries disagree as to the number of pages. The first edition consists of either… Continue reading Peder Madsen, Johannes’ Aabenbaring

Dr. Ian Paul

Metaphors and Revelation 12-13 Alan Brady over at Café Apocalypsis had a nice summary of parts of Dr. Ian Paul’s article “” in Studies in the Book of Revelation, ed. S. Moyse (see here) and some methodological reflections on the interpretation of metaphors. Ian Paul’s essay is based on his Ph.D.-dissertation, “The Value of Paul Ricoeur’s… Continue reading Dr. Ian Paul

S. J. Davis, Introducing an Arabic Commentary on the Apocalypse

Davis, Stephen J. “Introducing an Arabic Commentary on the Apocalypse: Ibn Katib Qaysar on Revelation.” Harvard Theological Review 101 (2008): 77-96. Here is the abstract from the publisher’s website:“Ibn Katib Qaysar’s long-neglected Commentary on the Apocalypse of John is a veritable treasure trove for those interested not only in the early transmission of the biblical… Continue reading S. J. Davis, Introducing an Arabic Commentary on the Apocalypse

Migne’s Patrologia – a complete on-line edition

Jacques Paul Migne (1800-1875) is famous for his Patrologia cursus completus which consists of a Latin series in 221 volumes and eventually a bilingual Greek-Latin edition of the Greek texts in 165 volumes. See more at Wikipedia. Many of the volumes are now superseded by critical editions. But some volumes are not. Useful are also… Continue reading Migne’s Patrologia – a complete on-line edition