Evans & Sanders, Early Christian Interpretation

Evans, Craig A., and James A. Sanders, eds. Early Christian Interpretation of the Scriptures of Israel: Investigations and Proposals. Journal for the study of the New Testament, vol. 148; Studies in Scripture in Early Judaism and Christianity, 5. Sheffield, England: Sheffield Academic Press, 1997. 476 pp.

Includes a methodological essay on the use of the Old Testament by Stanley E. Porter. The title is “The Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament: A Brief comment on Method and Terminology” (pp. 79-97).

The volume also includes an essay by Gregory K. Beale: “Solecisms in the Apocalypse as Signals for the Presence of the Old Testament Allusions: A Selective Analysis of Revelation 1-22” (pp. 421-446). A revision of this chapter in includes in ch. 5 of Beale, Use of the OT.

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