Moyise, The OT in Revelation

Moyise, Steve: The Old Testament in the Book of Revelation . (JSNT.SS 115). Sheffield, Sheffield Academic Press, 1995. 173 pp.

Moyise’s revised dissertation supervised by Frances Young is a rather short analysis (173 pages) of the relationship between OT, Qumran and Revelation with the focus on the use of Scripture in Rev 1-3, the use of Daniel and Ezekiel, the use of Scripture in Qumran, and a discussion of intertextuality.

As usual with a SAP-publication, the book contains bibliography and two indices of references and authors (pp. 147-173).

Moyise seems to be most familiar with English language scholarship. His methodology resembling that of Ruiz could have been refined, especially with a more substantial interaction with Paulien’s “Elusive Allusions.”

Moyise raises the question of the relationship between the use of a quotation and the original meaning of the quoted text. He believes in an interactive approach and approvingly quotes Ruiz as the last words of his book: “As Ruiz says, ‘to the extent that the “interpreting subject” engages in an active reading of John’s book, he or she engages in a dialogue with the text and with the texts within the text.’ ” (p. 146).

To reflect on the methodological issues involved in analysing John’s use of the Old Testament is important. Regardless of whether one agrees with Moyise in his approach or the details of his analysis, one should consult this volume and reflect on the complexity of John’s use of Scripture.

Reviews known to me:

  • J. Christian Wilson in Journal of Biblical Literature (115/4).
  • J. Christian Wilson in Review of Biblical Literature 06/26/2000 (available here)

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