Jenkins, The OT in Revelation

Jenkins, Ferrell. The Old Testament in the Book of Revelation. Foreword by Homer Hailey. Marion, Indiana: Cogdill Foundation Publications, 1972. Reprint. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Book House, 1976. Reprint. Temple Terrace, Florida : Florida College Bookstore, 1984. 151 pp. Still in print (see below).

This volume was originally presented as the author’s thesis (M.A.) at Harding Graduate School of Religion. It includes a bibliography (pp. 133-141) and two indices. One of the first studies on the topic, and (as far as I remember) on a not-too-technical level. As its publication history shows, there was a need for this book.

Table of Contents

Foreword / Homer Hailey
The Old Testament background of the Book of Revelation
The number and analysis of Old Testament quotations
The text used in the Old Testament allusions
The purpose of the Old Testament allusions
The place of the Book of Revelation in Apocalyptic Literature
The times in which apocalyptic grew
Apocalyptic – a re-interpretation of prophecy
Apocalyptic literature distinct
The Book of Revelation
Illustrations from the Book of Revelation
The four horsemen
The sealing of the servants of God
The great harvesting
The overthrow of Babylon
An examination of Old Testament books most frequently used in the Book of Revelation
The description of Christ in the Book of Revelation, chapter one
The description in verses 4-7
The vision of Jesus on Patmos (verses 10-20)
Titles of Deity from the Old Testament
He Who is and Who Was and Who is to Come
The Almighty
The God of Heaven
The Lion of the Tribe of Judah
The Root of David
The Lamb
The Bright Morning star
The Holy One
The Key of David
The beginning of God’s Creation
Old Testament imagery used in the Book of Revelation
Place-names from the Old Testament
The River Euphrates
Objects from the Old Testament
The Tabernacle and the Temple
The altar
The ark
Old Testament characters
Summary and conclusion
Selected bibliography
General index
Index of Scripture references.

Still in print
Dr. Jenkins has informed me that this volume is still in print: “Because the current publisher of the book does not have a marketing strategy many people think the book is out of print. You may secure a copy from the Florida College Bookstore. I wasn’t able to locate the book on the website, but you can send an Email to bookstore [at] floridacollege [dot] edu for information. I think the book now sells for $4.95. I saw a used copy on Amazon recently for $59.96!” (See “Resources on the Book of Revelation” for more.)

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