Laughlin, Solecisms

Laughlin, T. Cowden: The Solecisms of the Apocalypse. Princeton: C.S. Robinson & Co., University Printers, 1902. 23 pp. Now on-line.

Despite its modest size, Laughlin’s booklet is his Ph.D.-thesis, presented to the Faculty of Princeton University in 1902. It contains a systematic analysis of the peculiar language of Revelation.

Laughlin concludes that the solecisms “are clearly due to the influence which the prophetic writings of the Old Testament, either in their Hebrew form or in that of their translation into Grekk–the Septuagaint–exerted upon the Author” (p. 21).

Laughlin also presents a number of “corollaries”: the solecisms are not an argument for the early date; they do not support a non-apostolic authorship; they do not require a substantial time interval between the Revelation and the Gospel according to John; John was not ignorant of correct Greek usage, but made a conscious effort to use the LXX and Hebrew idiom.

It is now available on-line in a variety of formats at The Internet Archive (direct link pdf-format)

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