S. J. Davis, Introducing an Arabic Commentary on the Apocalypse

Davis, Stephen J. “Introducing an Arabic Commentary on the Apocalypse: Ibn Katib Qaysar on Revelation.” Harvard Theological Review 101 (2008): 77-96.

Here is the abstract from the publisher’s website:
“Ibn Katib Qaysar’s long-neglected Commentary on the Apocalypse of John is a veritable treasure trove for those interested not only in the early transmission of the biblical text and its history of interpretation, but also in the way ancient definitions of prophecy and vision were reconceived in Arabic Christian theology.

“Written in Cairo by a thirteenth-century Egyptian author, it is one of only two large-scale medieval commentaries on Revelation produced in the Arabic language. The other such commentary was composed by a fellow Copt, Bulus al-Bushi, who was a near contemporary of Ibn Katib Qaysar. Together, these two works provide a compelling witness to the currency of this apocalyptic biblical text among Christians living in Islamic Egypt.”

If you want to see the names with Unicode fonts, go to the publisher’s website.

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