Davidsen, Johannes’ Åbenbaring

Davidsen, Andreas. Johannes’ Åbenbaring: Kommentar med tillæg [Revelation: a Commentary with appendices]. København: Gyldendal, 1988. 170 pp.

The Danish theologian, pastor and former lecturer at a college of education, Andreas Davidsen (b. 1928) has published an entry level commentary. In his introduction (pp. 11-41), Davidsen describes “apocalyptic” and discusses the common introductory questions, including its relation to the rest of the New Testament, the three standard approaches as well as some newer ones. Davidsen’s understanding of the outline of Revelation is rendered artistically by Vibeke Fonnesberg (see the front cover). A similar chart and an accompanying synopsis of Revelation concludes the introduction.

Apart from a general index, this volumes also features a number of appendices with study questions on themes such as “apocalyptic,” persecutions, the question of authorship and a number of illustrations and and texts that may throw light on various parts of Revelation (pp. 121-148).

The appendices also include a collection of illustrations with a brief introduction to “Revelation in the history of art” (pp. 149-161) and a collection of modern texts (pp. 162-1686).

The last appendix presents a proposal for a service in which the reading of most of Revelation alternates with the singing of hymns from the Danish Hymnal (Den Danske Salmebog) (pp. 167-169).

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