Keith A. Mathison (ed.), When Shall These Things Be?

Mathison, Keith A., ed. When Shall These Things Be? A Reformed Response to Hyper-Preterism. Phillipsburg, New Jersey: P & R Publishing, 2004. xxii + 376 pp.

This volume critiques “hyper-preterism,” the view that all prophecy in Scripture has already been fulfilled.

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Table of Contents

  • The historical problem with hyper-preterism, by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr. (pp. 1-62)
  • Eschatology in the wake of Jerusalem’s fall, by Charles E. Hill (pp. 63-120)
  • Hyper-preterism and unfolding Biblical eschatology, by Richard L. Pratt, Jr. (pp. 121-154)
  • The eschatological time texts of the New Testament, by Keith A. Mathison (pp. 155-214)
  • Hyper-preterism and revelation, by Simon J. Kistemaker (pp. 215-254)
  • Sola scriptura, creeds, and ecclesiastical authority, by Douglas Wilson (pp. 255-286)
  • Hyper-preterism on the resurrection of the body, by Robert B. Strimple (pp. 287-352)
  • Editor’s conclusion (pp. 353-354)
  • Contributors (pp. 355-358)
  • Index of Scripture and Ancient Texts (pp. 359-370)
  • Index of Subjects and Names (pp. 371-376)

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