Wilhelm Hadorn, Die Offenbarung des Johannes

Hadorn, Wilhelm. Die Offenbarung des Johannes. Theologischer Handkommentar Zum Neuen Testament, 18. Leipzig: A. Deichertsche Verlagsbuchhandlung; Werner Scholl, 1928. 243 pp. Bibliography pp. 22-23.

Wilhelm Hadorn (1869-1929), Privatdozent in 1900 and later a professor of NT (1912; 1922) and Swiss Church history (1925), wrote a 40 page essay on the millennium in 1915 and the commentary on Revelation the year before he died. Earlier he had published a small volume on Revelation (Die letzten Buch der Bibel. 1918; 2n ed. 1919) as well as a monograph on eschatology (Zukunft und Hoffnung. 1914).

This volume seems to be a quite influential premillennial commentary. E.g., professor Moe followed Hadorn’s structural analysis in his commentary. The Swedish commentator, Åke V. Ström, followed Hadorn quite closely.

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