Remarks on scholarly commentaries

The commentaries included in the category Scholarly commentaries are either scholarly (i.e., written for scholars and serious students) or written by scholars and with a specific, valuable view on Revelation or one of the topics discussed on Revelation Resources.

Although it is hardly possible to rank commentaries objectively, I would suggest that some commentaries should be consulted more unhesitatingly than others. Comments are welcome!

Of the most recent commentaries I would mention:

Two commentaries with a focus on the history of interpretation are recommended (in chronological order):

I would also suggest the following commentaries (in chronological order):

Many – especially German – scholars were and are Lutherans. Some seem to be more distinctively Lutheran than others. I would mention the following:

  • R. C. H. Lenski, The Interpretation of St. John’s Revelation (1935; repr. 2001)
  • Eduard Lohse, Die Offenbarung des Johannes (1960; 8th ed. 1993)
  • Martin H. Franzmann, The Revelation to John (1968; 2nd. 1978; repr. 1986)
  • Siegbert W. Becker, Revelation: The Distant Triumph Song (1985)
  • Gerhard A. Krodel, Revelation (1989)
  • Louis A. Brighton, Revelation (1999)

Any comments?


  1. Biguzzi’s new commentary (2005) is in Italian, and I am not very good at Italian. Perhaps I need a guest reviewer on that one?

    I haven’t noticed the second edition of Prigent’s commentary. Thank you.

    The details are:

    1) Prigent, Pierre. L’Apocalypse de Saint Jean. Rev. and exp. ed. Commentaire du Nouveau Testament, 14. Genève: Labor et Fides, 2000. 507 pp.

    2) Biguzzi, Giancarlo. Apocalisse: nuova versione, introduzione e commento. Vol. 20 of I Libri BibliciMilano: Paoline, 2005. 476 pp.

  2. Surprised you don’t have E. B. Allo, l’Apocalypse Saint Jean, (Paris: Gabalda, 1933) who is excellent on the grammar.

    R. E. Aguirre

    1. Your are right. However, it will be added some time in the future. It is sitting on my desk waiting for me …

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