Robert C. Waddell, The Spirit of the Book of Revelation

waddell.jpgWaddell, Robert C. The Spirit of the Book of Revelation. Journal of Pentecostal Theology Supplement Series, 30. Blandford Forum: Deo Publishing, 2006. xii + 226 pp.

This book is the author’s revised Ph.D. thesis at the University of Sheffield, supervised by Professors L. C. A. Alexander and J. C. Thomas.

According to Jan A. du Rand’s review in Review of Biblical Literature (pdf), Waddell focuses on hermeneutical issues (“intertextuality” and the role of the reader, in the case of this author, the Pentecostal reader). This is the subject of Chapters 2ff.

Chapter 1 deals with history of research (modern period), while the last chapter analyses Revelation 11:1-13, which, according to Waddell’s understanding of the structure of the book, “sits at the center of the book literarily and … theologically and forms the
intertextual center of the role of the Spirit in the Apocalypse” (cited by du Rand; no page number).

According to Waddell, there is no longer need to acquiesce to the evangelical doctrine sola Scriptura because the revelation of God is transmitted by the work of the Holy Spirit to new generations. The doctrine solus Spiritus would be more appropriate. This emphasis by some exegetes about the role of particularly Pentecostal receivers in the process of interpretation may be heavily debated by others, when it comes to the issues of exclusivity and the role of the Spirit in doing theology. (Jan du Rand)

See du Rand’s review for a more systematic presentation!

ISBN: 9058540308

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