Charles D. Alexander, Revelation Spiritually Understood

alexanderrevelation.jpgAlexander, Charles David. Revelation Spiritually Understood. [New ed.] Trelawnyd [UK]: K&M Books, 2001. 565 pp. Distributed by Tentmaker Publications. ISBN-13: 978-0952304159.

The commentary is a one-volume edition of twenty-five pamphlets, lightly edited.

K and M Books:

Charles David Alexander was born in Liverpool on january 1 1904, of Scottish parentage. he grew up in the city and was saved by God’s grace on 7th March 1921 at the age of 17, although he often related in his later life how that he did not know but that he had possibly been converted at his mother’s knee.

Perhaps his greatest contribution was the work, which has been published here, ‘Revelation Spiritually Understood’, originally published in pamphlet form in 25 parts it has been of tremendous blessing to many of God’s saints. It is a powerful attack on the twin errors of Dispensationalism and Post-millennialism, and is a compulsive and compelling defence of the Amillennialist position.

HT: Nicholas T. Batzig

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