C. Marvin Pate (ed.), Four views

paterevelation2.jpgPate, C. Marvin, ed. Four Views on the Book of Revelation. Counterpoints: Exploring TheologyGrand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan Publishing House, 1998. 252 pp. ISBN: 0310210801

This volume presents what is called “the four main views” of Revelation:

  • The preterist (Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.)
  • The idealist (Sam Hamstra Jr.)
  • Progressive dispensationalist (C. Marvin Pate)
  • Classical dispensationalist (Robert L. Thomas)

The format of the series, the interactive Counterpoints forum, allows each author not only to present his view, but also to offer brief commentary on other views presented. This evenhanded approach is ideal for comparing and contrasting stances in order to form a personal conclusion about the interpretation and meaning of Revelation.

The four authors show how they interpret Revelation as they do, and why they do so.

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