Resseguie’s Narrative Commentary

Resseguie's Narrative CommentaryProfessor James L. Resseguie is the author of Revelation Unsealed. Last year I mentioned that a commentary was in the making (see Today Resseguie’s commentary arrived. So far I have only had time to flip the pages, but it seems very interesting. From the outset I like Resseguie’s approach, as will be clear to those who have flipped the pages of my thesis.

Due to a very welcome grant, I will finally be able to complete the final revision of my own commentary by mid-September. Professor Resseguie’s commentary will be a very welcome preparation for that.

Professor Resseguie offers a 40+ page introduction to his narrative approach. I will post more about it shortly.

By the way, Resseguie’s commentary is less than 300 pages, 288 in total. And it is available for less that $15 in the US or £10 in Great Britain. ISBN: 978-0-8010-3213-4.


  1. I have had the commentary sitting on my shelf for the last few months and I keep finding it to be a great resource.  Resseguie added an important entry into the field of Apocalyptic studies.

  2. I have only just got my copy of Resseguie. It is a narrative commentary, but should probably be required reading for someone doing a serious study as he goes into the literary techniques that John uses. He also references most of the important works on Revelation, including Beale, Aune and Smalley. A very useful contribution.

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