Georg S. Adamsen, Book of Revelation

Johannes' Åbenbaring - The Book of Revelation - a commentary by dr. Georg S. Adamsen
My commentary

The Book of Revelation (»Johannesʼ Åbenbaring«) my 468 page Danish commentary, was published by Credo Forlag yesterday, September 30th, 2010.

The commentary features a 100 page introduction which deals with the traditional questions of introduction as well as a lengthy summary of the theology of the Book of Revelation.

Awebsite, “Den sidste bog”, allowed for interaction between readers and with the author. The website has more information on the commentary and the author. The author’s Danish translation of Revelation is available to registered users.

Update: The blogs pages can now be found at

If you would like an explanation for the cover art, go to this (Danish) post: Forsiden af Credo Kommentaren til Johannes’ Åbenbaring!


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