The editor of Revelation Resources is dr. Georg S. Adamsen, formerly associate professor of NT at the Lutheran School of Theology in Aarhus. Adamsen earned his doctorate in NT exegesis at the Norwegian Lutheran School of Theology (2002; see more here).

Adamsen’s Danish commentary on Revelation was published in 2010. He has written a large number of articles on Revelation in Danish. His English contributions are mentioned here at Revelation Resources.

Some of the works that Adamsen currently reads are listed here.


Over 300 hand-picked references on valuable resources for the study of the Book of Revelation.

If you want to tell me about a work you think should be included, please, send a mail to me. Thank you!

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What others write about Revelation Resources*

“If you are an Revelation enthusiast, you can’t do without this blog. It has all kinds of comments on commentaries new and old.” (Dr Tony Siew, Lecturer in the NT)

“If you’re looking for access to good scholarly material on Revelation your first stop should be Revelation Resources.” (Andrew Picard, pastor)

“Georg S. Adamsen has for some time had an extensive bibliography available on the net for the Book of Revelation. Now it appears that he has quite a site up with a blog on the Book of Revelation.” (R P B S Blog (Dr Torrey Seland, Professor of the NT)

“Dr. Georg Adamsen has a very helpful site, Revelation Resources, dedicated to the promotion of resources for studying the Apocalypse. If you have any interest in the book of Revelation you will enjoy this site. (Nicholas T. Batzig, pastor)”

“Check it out, a great resource on understanding the book of Revelation.” (Pastor Frank Ritchie)

* Quotes arranged in chronological order

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