Dr. Ian Paul

Metaphors and Revelation 12-13 Alan Brady over at Café Apocalypsis had a nice summary of parts of Dr. Ian Paul’s article “” in Studies in the Book of Revelation, ed. S. Moyse (see here) and some methodological reflections on the interpretation of metaphors. Ian Paul’s essay is based on his Ph.D.-dissertation, “The Value of Paul Ricoeur’s… Continue reading Dr. Ian Paul


Kim Riddlebarger is the author of A Case for Amillennialism and The Man of Sin. Apart from descriptions of his books, Riddlebarger’s website features numerous resources. You can read about Riddlebarger (here), read some of his articles, for example “Princeton and the Millennium.” He also provides Links to Helpful Books, Essays, and Charts. And more.… Continue reading Riddleblog

Loren L. Johns

Dr. Loren L. Johns’s The Apocalypse of John lists many resources, including a number of articles written by Johns himself. See also his Apocalypticism and Millennialism: A Select Bibliography for Research. He also includes a section on Revelation in art, and a page with resources about Patmos (currently with some obsolete links). Dr. Johns’s Curriculum… Continue reading Loren L. Johns

Dr. Laszlo’s resource collection

http://www.apokaliptikum.lap.hu This quite extensive resource collection is compiled by Dr. Hubbes Laszlo. Although it is in the Hungarian language, some headlines are translated, and it is certainly possible to find quite a number of useful resources, even if you do not know Hungarian. As the sample shows. As Dr. Laszlo informed me, “the majority of… Continue reading Dr. Laszlo’s resource collection

Steve Moyise on Revelation

Professor Steve Moyise is one of the most prolific scholars as regards studies on and related to Revelation: “Intertextuality and the Book of Revelation,” Expository Times 104 (1993): 295-298 The Old Testament in the Book of Revelation. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1995. “The Language of the Old Testament in the Apocalypse,” Journal for the Study… Continue reading Steve Moyise on Revelation

Professor Felix Just: Links

Professor Felix Just has collected an impressive number of Links to Revelation, Apocalyptic and Millennial Websites and Materials. The page includes the following sections related to Revelation Texts and Commentaries Introductory materials Academic and On-line courses On-line scholarly articles Specialized materials online (the old Rev-List archive is, unfortunately, lost) Other collections of hyperlinks The page… Continue reading Professor Felix Just: Links

Café Apocalypsis – Alan S. Bandy

Ph.D. Alan S. Bandy’s blog: Café Apocalypsis, contains a few entries on Revelation: See his categories Book of Revelation/The Apocalypse of John, as well as the following entries: Book Recommendation: Charts on the Book of Revelation The Imperial Cult in Asia Minor during the Reign of Domitian Jesus as “The Son of Man”: Periphrasis or… Continue reading Café Apocalypsis – Alan S. Bandy

Professor Felix Just: Art, Images, Music

Links to Art, Images, Music, and Materials related to the Book of Revelation, collected by professor, Ph.D. Felix Just Professor Just keeps sections on Music, Collection of Images, and Individual images and materials pertaining to each chapter of Revelation. Just also links to Depictions of Related stories and legends, and to Other collections of Apocalyptic… Continue reading Professor Felix Just: Art, Images, Music