Otto A. Piper’s 1959 review of four Revelation commentaries

Theology Today – Vol 16, No. 1 – April 1959 – BOOK REVIEW – The Book of Revelation & The Revelation of Jesus Christ & The Last Book of the Bible & Interpreting Revelation The Book of Revelation By Thomas S. Kepler 232 pp. New York, Oxford University Press, 1957. $4.50; The Revelation of Jesus… Continue reading Otto A. Piper’s 1959 review of four Revelation commentaries

Lupieri’s commentary

I have a presentation of Lupieri’s commentary here: Now, Review of Biblical Literature has published Tobias Nicklas’s review of it. He concludes that “Die Tendenz ist klar: Man kann diesem wertvollen und originellen Kommentar zur Apokalypse nur eine breite Leserschaft wünschen.” See the entire review here (direct link). Hattip: NT Gateway Weblog

Remarks on scholarly commentaries

The commentaries included in the category Scholarly commentaries are either scholarly (i.e., written for scholars and serious students) or written by scholars and with a specific, valuable view on Revelation or one of the topics discussed on Revelation Resources. Although it is hardly possible to rank commentaries objectively, I would suggest that some commentaries should… Continue reading Remarks on scholarly commentaries