David Hellholm, The Visions He Saw

Hellholm, David. “The Visions He Saw or: To Encode the Future in Writing: An Analysis of the Prologue of John’s Apocalyptic Letter.” In Text and Logos: The Humanistic Interpretation of the New Testament. (Festschrift Hendrikus W. Boers.) Edited by Theodore W. Jennings, Jr. Scholars Press Homage Series, 14. Atlanta, Georgia: Scholars Press, 1990, 109-46. More… Continue reading David Hellholm, The Visions He Saw

Johannes Loft, Synerne fra Patmos

Loft, Johannes. Synerne fra Patmos: En gennemgang af Johannes Aabenbaring . Aarhus: De Unges Forlag, 1919. 112 pp. Immediately after the war, Johannes Loft, theologian, translator, author and lecturer published The Patmos Visions (Synerne fra Patmos) at the publishing company of the Danish YMCA and YWCA (1919). Johannes Loft was teacher at Herlufsholm, Viborg Katedralskole (my… Continue reading Johannes Loft, Synerne fra Patmos

Olaf Moe, Bibelens siste bok

Moe, Olaf. Bibelens siste bok: En utlegning av Johannes’ åpenbaring [The Last Book of the Bible: An Interpretation of the Revelation of John]. Oslo: Forlaget Land og kirke, 1960. 276 pp. —: Johannes Uppenbarelse: Bibelns sista bok. Translated by Frithiof Dahlby. Stockholm: Diakonistyrelsens bokförlag, 1963 (reprinted by Verbum, 1968 & 1978). The Swedish translation is… Continue reading Olaf Moe, Bibelens siste bok

Remarks on writings in the Scandinavian languages

This topic includes references to on-line material or written contributions in the Scandinavian languages (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish) that are either scholarly of nature or written by scholars. See the individual posts and/or “Danish writings on Revelation,” “Norwegian writings on Revelation,” and “[Swedish post to follow]” for more information. Theses In his thesis, Christ the… Continue reading Remarks on writings in the Scandinavian languages

Leif Carlsson, Tröst och trots

Carlsson, Leif. Tröst och trots: Uppenbarelseboken . Nya Testamentets Budskap, 2. Örebro: Libris, 2007. 272 pp. Leif Carlsson is TD and professor (universitetslektor) at Jönköping University. He is also the author of Round Trips to Heaven: Otherworldly Travelers in Early Judaism and Christianity. Translated by Judy Breneman. Lund Studies in History of Religions, 19. Lund:… Continue reading Leif Carlsson, Tröst och trots

Thestrup Pedersen, Johannes’ Åbenbaring

Thestrup Pedersen, Ebbe. Johannes’ Åbenbaring: Kommenteret og fortolket [The Book of Revelation: Commentary and Interpretation]. Valby: Forlaget Aros, 1999. 183 pp. Professor Ebbe Thestrup Pedersen (1914-1998) was a Danish theologian and professor of education. This volume was published posthumously. Pedersen asserts that serious readers of Revelation must learn from the scholarly, historical-critical interpretation (p. 9).… Continue reading Thestrup Pedersen, Johannes’ Åbenbaring