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Revelation Resources » » Forthcoming This page features a list of forthcoming commentaries and other books on Revelation, as far as I am (made) aware of them. You are welcome to give me a hint if you know of a work that should be included.

David Hellholm, The Visions He Saw

Hellholm, David. “The Visions He Saw or: To Encode the Future in Writing: An Analysis of the Prologue of John’s Apocalyptic Letter.” In Text and Logos: The Humanistic Interpretation of the New Testament. (Festschrift Hendrikus W. Boers.) Edited by Theodore W. Jennings, Jr. Scholars Press Homage Series, 14. Atlanta, Georgia: Scholars Press, 1990, 109-46. More… Continue reading David Hellholm, The Visions He Saw

Lupieri’s commentary

I have a presentation of Lupieri’s commentary here: Now, Review of Biblical Literature has published Tobias Nicklas’s review of it. He concludes that “Die Tendenz ist klar: Man kann diesem wertvollen und originellen Kommentar zur Apokalypse nur eine breite Leserschaft wünschen.” See the entire review here (direct link). Hattip: NT Gateway Weblog