Kretschmar, Offenbarung des Johannes

Kretschmar, Georg: Die Offenbarung des Johannes: Die Geschichte ihrer Auslegung im 1. Jahrtausend. Calwer Theologische Monographien, B9. Stuttgart: Calwer Verlag, 1985. 164 pp. Kretschmar’s book is not only a presentation of its history of interpretation throughout the first millennium. It also presents the author’s view on introductory matters and its overall interpretation. Contents (apart from… Continue reading Kretschmar, Offenbarung des Johannes

Beda, Expositio

Beda Venerabilis (Bede the Venerable). Bedae presbyteri Expositio Apocalypseos. Ed. Roger Gryson. Corpus Christianorum, Series Latina, 121A. (Bedae Opera 2:5). Turnhout: Brepols, 2001. 606 pp. Bede’s commentary is regularly cited in Weinrich, Revelation. Apart from Weinrich’s (partial) translation, Bede’s Expositio is translated in this work: Bede (the Venerable). The explanation of the Apocalypse. Trans. Edward… Continue reading Beda, Expositio

Weinrich, Revelation

Weinrich, William C., ed. Revelation. Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, vol. 12. Downers Grove, Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 2006. xxxii + 454 pp. RRP $40.00 (but street prices are much cheapter). ISBN: 0830814973 This volume is strongly recommended. In the ideal world, students would read the ancient Christian commentaries themselves in the original language. In the… Continue reading Weinrich, Revelation