Caesarius of Arles, Exposition

Caesarius Arelatensis. Sancti Caesarii episcopi Arelatensis opera omnia. Ed. by Germanus (Germain) Morin. Maretioli, 1937-1942. Two volumes in three parts. Includes the homiletic exposition on Revelation. Weinrich cites this commentary regularly, but from Migne’s edition (PL 35,2417-52). According to Weinrich, the homilies Expositio ad Apocalypsim is also, erroneously, attributed to Augustine and referred to as… Continue reading Caesarius of Arles, Exposition

Weinrich, Revelation

Weinrich, William C., ed. Revelation. Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, vol. 12. Downers Grove, Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 2006. xxxii + 454 pp. RRP $40.00 (but street prices are much cheapter). ISBN: 0830814973 This volume is strongly recommended. In the ideal world, students would read the ancient Christian commentaries themselves in the original language. In the… Continue reading Weinrich, Revelation