Kretschmar, Offenbarung des Johannes

Kretschmar, Georg: Die Offenbarung des Johannes: Die Geschichte ihrer Auslegung im 1. Jahrtausend. Calwer Theologische Monographien, B9. Stuttgart: Calwer Verlag, 1985. 164 pp. Kretschmar’s book is not only a presentation of its history of interpretation throughout the first millennium. It also presents the author’s view on introductory matters and its overall interpretation. Contents (apart from… Continue reading Kretschmar, Offenbarung des Johannes

Joachim of Fiore, Expositio

Joachim of Fiore. Expositio in Apocalypsim. Frankfurt am Main: Minerva, 1964. 224 pp. Joachim’s Expositio in Apocalypsim: Commentary on the Apocalypse is his main work on Revelation. According to Joachim’s works: chronology, editions, and manuscripts, the commentary was written, re-written and revised between 1183-1184 and 1200. In the same period, he also wrote a series… Continue reading Joachim of Fiore, Expositio

Joachim of Fiore, Praephatio super Apocalipsim

From International Center for Joachimist Studies “Joachim composed this “general introduction”, to the apocalypse between 1188 and 1192. In the Praephatio super Apocalypsim the Joachimist theory of Trinitarian ‘status’ is explained. The ancient patristic doctrine of the six Ages of the world is replaced by the later doctrine of the seven periods of the Age.”… Continue reading Joachim of Fiore, Praephatio super Apocalipsim

Joachim of Fiore, Enchiridion

Joachim of Fiore. Enchiridion super Apocalypsim: Edited with notes and introduction. Studies and Texts, 78. Ed. Edward Kilian Burger. Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 1986. 114 pp. Joachim of Fiore (Joachim of Flora; Gioacchino da Fiore), d. 1135 – March 30, 1202, was a very influential theologian. His interpretation of Revelation caused… Continue reading Joachim of Fiore, Enchiridion