Eduard Lohse, Die Offenbarung des Johannes

Lohse, Eduard. Die Offenbarung des Johannes: Übersetzt und erklärt. 8nd ed. Das Neue Testament Deutsch, 11. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht, 1993. 126 pp. The author is a renowned scholar, pastor and bishop. Eduard Lohse was professor of NT in Kiel (1956-1964) and Göttingen (1964-1971). From 1971 until his retirement in 1988 Lohse was bishop in… Continue reading Eduard Lohse, Die Offenbarung des Johannes

Swete, Apocalypse

Swete, Henry Barclay: The Apocalypse of St. John. London: Macmillan, 1906. Reprint. Eugene, Oregon: Wipf & Stock publishers, 1999. The second edition was published in 1907 or perhaps already in 1906. The third was published in 1908 and reprinted several times at least until 1917. The commentary was also reprinted by Eerdmans in Grand Rapids,… Continue reading Swete, Apocalypse

Ernst Lohmeyer, Die Offenbarung des Johannes

Lohmeyer, Ernst. Die Offenbarung des Johannes. Handbuch Zum Neuen Testament, 16. Tübingen: J. C. B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck), 1926. 203 pp. –: 2nd. expanded ed. 1953, 208 pp. Reprinted 1970. About the book In his commentary, Ernst Lohmeyer (1890-1946), the successor of Bultmann, interprets Revelation as a thoroughly eschatological book. Apart from the commentary proper,… Continue reading Ernst Lohmeyer, Die Offenbarung des Johannes

Wilhelm Hadorn, Die Offenbarung des Johannes

Hadorn, Wilhelm. Die Offenbarung des Johannes. Theologischer Handkommentar Zum Neuen Testament, 18. Leipzig: A. Deichertsche Verlagsbuchhandlung; Werner Scholl, 1928. 243 pp. Bibliography pp. 22-23. Wilhelm Hadorn (1869-1929), Privatdozent in 1900 and later a professor of NT (1912; 1922) and Swiss Church history (1925), wrote a 40 page essay on the millennium in 1915 and the… Continue reading Wilhelm Hadorn, Die Offenbarung des Johannes

Olaf Moe, Bibelens siste bok

Moe, Olaf. Bibelens siste bok: En utlegning av Johannes’ åpenbaring [The Last Book of the Bible: An Interpretation of the Revelation of John]. Oslo: Forlaget Land og kirke, 1960. 276 pp. —: Johannes Uppenbarelse: Bibelns sista bok. Translated by Frithiof Dahlby. Stockholm: Diakonistyrelsens bokförlag, 1963 (reprinted by Verbum, 1968 & 1978). The Swedish translation is… Continue reading Olaf Moe, Bibelens siste bok

Leif Carlsson, Tröst och trots

Carlsson, Leif. Tröst och trots: Uppenbarelseboken . Nya Testamentets Budskap, 2. Örebro: Libris, 2007. 272 pp. Leif Carlsson is TD and professor (universitetslektor) at Jönköping University. He is also the author of Round Trips to Heaven: Otherworldly Travelers in Early Judaism and Christianity. Translated by Judy Breneman. Lund Studies in History of Religions, 19. Lund:… Continue reading Leif Carlsson, Tröst och trots

Thestrup Pedersen, Johannes’ Åbenbaring

Thestrup Pedersen, Ebbe. Johannes’ Åbenbaring: Kommenteret og fortolket [The Book of Revelation: Commentary and Interpretation]. Valby: Forlaget Aros, 1999. 183 pp. Professor Ebbe Thestrup Pedersen (1914-1998) was a Danish theologian and professor of education. This volume was published posthumously. Pedersen asserts that serious readers of Revelation must learn from the scholarly, historical-critical interpretation (p. 9).… Continue reading Thestrup Pedersen, Johannes’ Åbenbaring

Torm, Johannes’ Åbenbaring

Torm, Frederik. Johannes’ Aabenbaring: En populær fortolkning [The Book of Revelation: A Popular Commentary]. København: G. E. C. Gads Forlag, 1941. 162 pp. Norwegian translation (Johannes’ åpenbaring: En populær fortolkning) published by Lutherstiftelsens forlag, Oslo, 1942. 160 pp. English Frederik Torm (1870-1953), professor of New Testament at the University of Copenhagen (1909-1940), was a conservative,… Continue reading Torm, Johannes’ Åbenbaring